Crossway Staplehurst, Kent

Type of Development

A highly innovative detached 4 bedroom house. Achieved Passivhaus status retrospectively. Designed and built to have minimal impact on the surrounding area and on the environment. Arched roof built using ‘timbrel-vaulted’ method originating from Catalunia. This building featured on Grand Designs in Feb 2009.

Gross Floor Area

285 square metres

Completion Date

March 09


Private client


RIBA South East


Staplehurst, Kent

Contractual Arrangement

Negotiated - our client here was also the architect and we provided design input at the early stages of the project. This collaboration between designer and builder at the design phase, highlighted potential problems before the project went into the build phase resulting in savings in time and budget

Rear detail

Key Features
  • Timbrel vault arch roof, using locally made clay tiles
  • Solar PVT panels for hot water and electricity production
  • Triple glazed windows
  • Air permeability test: 1.2m³/(h.m²)
  • Super insulated Steico I-joist timber frame under thin vaulted masonry arch
  • High thermal mass from the roof and floor slab
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR)